CANAAN institute - GAZA



The project


Name: Psychological support activities for children of Gaza Strip


Education as a psychosocial urgent tool


Main objectives: Education in a new way


All know that children after war in bad condition, work with them now is very limited, so our work is great to meet their immediate needs, families and all community want it for the children.


This psychosocial support for children is implemented as a network action with 5 children activities centres and it benefits 1000 children 7-12 years old. 


Canaan Institute coordinates and supervises the project with the community centers. In each centre 4 psychosocial support animators, supervised by Canaan institute team and centers administrators, organize activities with 200 children.  These children participate in activities through groups formed according to children age. 



1 center

5 centres







Trainers – coordinators




Project general goals are:

  1. Respond to the Palestinian children psychosocial urgent  needs
  2. offering children supportive expressional activities
  3. promoting supportive  community mobilization for children


Project specific goals are:

  1. Support 1000 children on the psychosocial level 
  2. Enable children to express their feelings and experience 
  3. enabling 5 community centres to help children 
  4. raise community members and stakeholders awareness about psychosocial impact on  children
  5. initiate a  long term psychosocial support program


The organization

Main objectives:

Canaan Institute of  New Pedagogy was established  in February 1997, as,  Palestinian  non-profit organization by “ the Palestinian Forum of  Education for Development-PFED”, supported by the consortium of the French NGOs, member of the platform of the French NGOs for Palestine .

Canaan addresses the needs of professional training programs for the workers, and volunteers in the field of socio-cultural education, and promotes New Education based on the right to participation, freedom of choice, choice – responsibility and non-violence.

Through its programs Canaan meets the requests coming from other organizations for professional training and/or consultancy in designing, implementing and developing advanced educational activities and social programs.


The main goals:

  1. Encouraging the social actors "individuals and organizations" to exchange experiences and develop their abilities to address the Palestinian community needs.  
  2. Publicizing the principles of The New Pedagogy and encouraging the implementation of such trends.
  3. Organizing vocational training programs to qualify animators in social, education and cultural work, depending on implementation of active learning techniques during the training process in alternation with field practice.
  4. Organizing training programs for animators engaged in voluntary work.
  5. Promoting social work in Palestine by operating a network for reciprocal contacts among those interested in issues and problems of social work, and providing them with a resource to facilitate their tasks and promote collective work among them.

6.       Developing communication tools to facilitate the social actors' collective thinking, such as: workshops, meetings, debates, producing educational issues to help exchanging ideas and developing successful experiences

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